Motivational Speaker for Events

Looking for a Speaker with the drive and passion to motivate the people in your audience to make positive changes in their careers?

“The speaker, Shelly, created an upbeat atmosphere while sharing insightful, practical skills to move our project forward…I was astounded at how much I learned in a few short hours… The take home materials were very helpful. It was a great afternoon. I’m looking forward to putting my new skills to work on Monday.”
~ Janeece Flint, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

“After taking Shelly’s workshop, I’ve learned so many new ways to address old problems. Highly Recommended!”
~ Mary S, businesswoman, Southern California


Signature Speech

“From Struggle to Success: 7 Steps to Steer Your Career”

“Create Change for the Better” (3 Steps)

“Living the Hero’s Journey: 7 Steps for Writers to Steer their Careers”


Most Popular for Students & Job Placement Agencies

“The Job Interview: Tips, Secrets & Insights”